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The Purpose of Social Media in Business

by Shopper Approved | August 10, 2017

If you’re a business without a social media presence, you’re already a little behind. Having a social media presence has become a normal part of business. Below, we’ve outlined the…

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The Number of Product Reviews Matters As Much As the Star-Rating

by Shopper Approved | August 8, 2017

Consumers look to reviews before making a purchase, especially when shopping online. The credibility of these reviews is crucial to a company and product’s integrity. While star-rating is a key…

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Where Should I Display Reviews on my Business?

by Shopper Approved | August 3, 2017

Because reviews play such a crucial part in the purchasing process now, making them easily accessible to potential customers online has become vital. Keeping your reviews in only one place…

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5 Best Practices for a Business Blog

by Shopper Approved | July 18, 2017

Blogging isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can’t just sit down, write content, put it on your blog and hope it explodes. It takes networking, interactions, and strategy to…

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