New Law Added to Consumer Review Fairness Act

by Shopper Approved | January 31, 2017

Posted a negative Yelp review recently? Don’t fear retaliation from the business. Congress passed a law at the end of 2016 to protect consumer’s negative reviews. The law also protects consumers from business owners angry about a negative review. It is illegal for businesses to retaliate against a consumer based on a review.


The FTC is now imposing penalties on businesses that aren’t in compliance with the Consumer Review Fairness Act. This law protects consumer’s reviews and the consumer for leaving a negative review. It also voids any contract a customer may have signed that prevents them from leaving a review.


What does this mean for business owners?


Business owners should still reach out to angry customers to try to genuinely better their experience. More importantly, they should then ask them to revise their review if they would like to. However, businesses will now be fined if they threaten or try to bully a customer into changing or removing their review.


Businesses will now be fined if they threaten or try to bully a customer into changing or removing their review. Click To Tweet


Not only will business owner’s be more inclined to provide a great experience to every customer, but the management and handling of negative reviews will change.


You can read this post here for strategies to manage negative reviews!

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