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Where Should I Display Reviews on my Business?

by Shopper Approved | August 3, 2017

Because reviews play such a crucial part in the purchasing process now, making them easily accessible to potential customers online has become vital. Keeping your reviews in only one place…

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Why Online Marketplaces are Beating Out Other Online Retailers

by Shopper Approved | August 1, 2017

97% of online shoppers shop from online marketplaces like OverStock, Amazon, or There are a number of reasons that these marketplaces are so appealing to online shoppers.   You…

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Marketing to Baby Boomers

by Shopper Approved | July 27, 2017

Welcomed into the world  because of celebrations of the end of WWII and the Great Depression, baby boomers made up 40% of the population by 1964.   It’s not nearly…

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How to Stay Productive When You’re Feeling Burned Out

by Shopper Approved | July 25, 2017

For entrepreneurs, employees, executives, burn-out is a possibility. I recently had a discussion with a peer who has an aversion to the phrase “Work smarter, not harder”. His response: why…

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