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Why You Need a Merchant Review Page – and How To Make One

by Shopper Approved | October 24, 2017

A merchant review page is a web-page created by a company that displays recent reviews left by its consumers. It should be unbiased, displaying both positive and negative reviews. The purpose of…

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Why Run a Lean Team

by Shopper Approved | October 19, 2017

No, we’re not talking about the combined body-weight of your team. We’re talking about the number of people on your team. We’re firm believers of running a lean operation for…

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7 Motivational Quotes to Push You to Succeed

by Shopper Approved | October 17, 2017

Burn-out, fatigue, and feelings of failure are the most common and deadly enemies to success. Power through the tough times with these 15 inspirational quotes that will inspire you to…

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Shopper Approved Case Study – Moving Ahead Services

by Shopper Approved | October 10, 2017

Shopper Approved client Moving Ahead Services teamed up with us to create a case study!   Ohio-based moving company has almost doubled the number of reviews collected this year and has…

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