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How to Run a Lean Operation

by Shopper Approved | October 5, 2017

As far as being lean in equipment, machinery, inventory, etc., that’s very specific for each business. We’re experts in running a lean operation as far as having a lean team…

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The Real Market Research Questions You Should Be Asking

by Shopper Approved | October 3, 2017

Melani Dizon of Copy Hackers gets it. She’s helped many brand influencers and companies create better content, and better reach out to their target audience because she’s found the right…

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Why You Need a Merchant Review Page – and How To Make One

by Shopper Approved | September 29, 2017

A merchant review page is a page created by a company, as part of their website, that displays recent reviews left by consumers of the company. It should be unbiased,…

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3 Weird Tips to be a Better, More Productive Boss

by Shopper Approved | September 26, 2017

Some people are natural-born leaders, and others work hard to become a boss that their employees respect and like. Unfortunately, there are also the leaders that destroy employee morale, create…

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