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Why is Consumer-Generated Content Important?

by Shopper Approved | September 14, 2017

Consumer-generated content is exactly what it sounds like – content that is created about a brand or product by consumers that have experience with that product or company.   This…

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Personalizing the Customer Experience Using Big Data

by Shopper Approved | September 12, 2017

Data is the key to personalizing the customer experience. By monitoring real-time and historical behavior of website visitors, you can target them with content relevant to them specifically! And many…

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Should You Offer Free Shipping to Your Customers?

by Shopper Approved | September 7, 2017

To ship or not to ship free. Free shipping is appealing to many customers in this convenience-driven era. In fact, free shipping is the number 1 influencer for 9 out…

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How Technology Affects Real Estate

by Shopper Approved | September 5, 2017

It seems like technology and all of its magical advances in the last few years are consuming and permanently altering almost all industries. Real estate is an industry that has…

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