‘State of Ecommerce’ News Overview 2017

by Shopper Approved | April 27, 2017

Google Updates Image Search Look

Pinterest has become a big competitor for the search engine giant, so Google is taking notes. In April, Google updated the format of its mobile image search to display similarly to Pinterest. This change staggers photos, and displays similar items to what the user has searched for, just like Pinterest. You can read this article here to ensure your products are being displayed as “similar items” when a consumer does an image search.

This change has been made only for mobile devices so far.


Online Sales Surge

Online and other non-store (door-to-door, mail, etc.) sales increased by 11.4% in March, a .6% month-over-month increase. This continued trend of increasing online sales is in-line with expected consumer habits. Total consumer spending is expected to increase over 2017.


Shopper Approved’s New Backend Launched

A sleek, intuitive design was released as Shopper Approved’s back-end received a complete overhaul. The changes include more control for the client, an easy-to-navigate interface, and complete visibility to all new reviews collected by the Shopper Approved team!

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