5 Great Holiday Gifts for a Small Business Owner

by Shopper Approved | November 21, 2017

It’s that time of year again! Everyone is scrambling to find the perfect gifts for the loved one’s in their lives. Most difficult to shop for are business owners it seems. What can you get them that will benefit them professionally to show you’re supporting their passions, but personally so they can feel the love? We’ve got a few suggestions for you…



Organization is key for entrepreneurs. Planners of different formats are available to individuals based on their needs. Daily and weekly planners allow for more in-depth to-do lists and goals, while monthly planners may help entrepreneurs track sales, keep an eye on expenses, and create broad monthly goals. There are also plenty of customizable planners out there for entrepreneurs that include add-ons like marketing calendars and an actual income sheet. Do some research for your entrepreneur and determine what would be most beneficial to his/her organization!


A Magazine Subscription

Great entrepreneurs are always reading great content to better themselves, so a subscription to a magazine geared toward entrepreneurs gives them something to look forward to each month! Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes are all solid subscriptions you can purchase for a business owner. Each has inspirational stories, tips for running a business, and insights from industry leaders that are fun to read and beneficial to readers.


A Ticket to a Business Conference

A conference in their industry provides business owners a small getaway and an incredible opportunity to learn and network with like-minded individuals. The connections made at conferences can be stepping stones to success and/or opportunities for strong friendships and mentorships. Aside from the networking available at conferences, the break-away sessions by industry leaders as well as keynote speaks provide insight and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.



Like I said before, great entrepreneurs are constantly inhaling great content. A book on productivity, time management, marketing, or whatever else a business owner may be struggling with is sure to be a gift she’ll appreciate. Amazon is the perfect place to read overviews and reviews about business books to determine what will be exactly what that business owner in your life needs.


A Service for Their Business

Perhaps they need a logo designed or a website created. You can pitch in and hire a graphic designer or programmer for them, or find some other service they may need to run their business more effectively! Find a need that they have to progress their business, and help them fulfill it. Even if it’s as simple as putting them in contact with someone that can help them grow their business, the initiative goes a long way in showing support.


Being  a small business owner is challenging, humbling, and exhausting. The greatest gift you can give them is love and support this holiday season. Encourage them to keep pursuing their passions and carry them through the failures (because they definitely happen). Happy Holidays!