How to Get More Ratings On Your Google Ads

by Shopper Approved | February 21, 2017

Google is one of the go-to destination for consumers to look up reviews or search for products they are interested in buying. Make your ads stand-out on Google by ensuring your star-ratings and reviews are being displayed!


Ads with a star-rating see an increase of up to 35% in click-through rates, so the benefits are clear. Displaying ratings will lead to higher traffic, likely leading to more sales.


To get ratings and reviews to show up on Google Ads,  you first have to collect reviews that Google trusts and is willing to show customers.


Google will pull online reviews in several ways:

  1. Google Trusted Stores now Google Customer Reviews
  2. Stella Services
  3. Google Consumer Surveys
  4. Reviews Collected by Third Party Collectors (this is where Shopper Approved falls)


Google Trusted Stores

The Google Trusted Stores will have a “Google Certified” listing underneath their star-rating in Google ads. Google Trusted Stores are stores that Google is confident in backing that demonstrate fast shipping, great customer service, and Google will provide free purchase protection when consumers purchase from a trusted store. Google will then collect reviews from customers shopping from Google Trusted Stores. It’s free to apply to become a Google Trusted Store. Follow the link here and fill out the application!

Update: Google Trusted Stores has been replaced by Google Customer Reviews as of April 2017. 


Stella Services

This is an independent company that has integrated with Google to measure your company’s quality of customer service by analyzing customer care, shipping, and returns. You can reach out to them by filling out the form here to let them know you’re interested in having them analyze your company!


Google Consumer Surveys

Google surveys are another way that Google will gather feedback on your company. If you fill out the same form you fill out to reach out to Stella Services for analysis, you can request that Google uses this method to get information on your company as well.


Third Party Collectors

Companies can hire third-party review aggregators to integrate software into their website and collect real reviews from their customers. This is a great method of collecting reviews because it is reaching out directly to all of your customers after they make a purchase, can be on-going, and is very affordable. Make sure to choose from this list of trusted Google partners when researching third-party review collectors. Other independent review collectors will not syndicate reviews to Google.


Once you have collected trusted reviews that Google will put their name behind, you have to syndicate them to Google. Most third-party review aggregation companies can do this (see the list above), or you can work with Google directly to try to get star-ratings displayed. 


Google ad campaigns are more relevant than ever. Approximately 40,000 searches are run per second on Google. Ads are displayed at the top of the page, followed by organic search rankings. Organic search listings do not display star-ratings, making Google ads more appealing to businesses.


If you aren’t collecting reviews that can be syndicated to Google when you’re running ad campaigns, it’s certainly an investment to consider that practically guarantees an ROI. You can use Google Analytics to track increased sales by adding star-ratings to your ads.


There are some other stipulations to getting star-ratings displayed on your Google ads, including a minimum number of reviews and a minimum star-rating. See our post here to get more in-depth information on those guidelines!

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