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How To Get Google Reviews

by Scott Brandley | February 7, 2020

How Do You Get More Google Reviews Ask Your Customers. Demonstrate How to Leave a Review. Provide Excellent Customer Service. Hire a Professional.   Getting more Google reviews for your…

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The 9 Things you should ALWAYS do when Responding to 1 and 2 Star Reviews

by Scott Brandley | February 3, 2020

9 Ways To Respond To Negative Reviews What you write to one, you write to all. Always publicly respond to every single 1 and 2 star review. Punctuation, spelling and…

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What Are Syndicated Reviews and Why Are They Important?

by Scott Brandley | January 25, 2020

What Are Syndicated Reviews? Review syndication is when one website feeds out customer reviews to several other review sites, or search platforms, like Google, so the review is posted across…

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How To Ask Customers For Reviews? Top 12 Tips

by Scott Brandley | January 18, 2020

How Do You Ask Customers For Reviews? Organic Conversation. Point of Sale. Offer a Promotion. Host an Event. Display Your Review Site Stickers. Send an Email Blast. Ask Employees For…

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