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The 9 Things you should ALWAYS do when Responding to 1 and 2 Star Reviews

by DJ Sprague | February 3, 2020

Written By Scott Brandley, Co-founder and CEO of Shopper Approved   The Impact of Negative Reviews On A Business As a business owner, one of the worst feelings is getting…

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What Are Syndicated Reviews and Why Are They Important?

by DJ Sprague | January 25, 2020

Review syndication is an incredibly effective way to grow your online reputation. Maybe you’ve been focusing on review management, but review syndication will blow your efforts out of the water…

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How To Ask Customers For Reviews? Top 14 Tips

by DJ Sprague | January 18, 2020

Online reviews are a powerful way to help your company grow, but the majority of customers simply don’t take the time to leave a review on their own accord. Luckily,…

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How to Manage Your Online Reputation

by DJ Sprague | January 10, 2020

Forbes Magazine, Gallup, Harvard Business Review and Pew Research all say that we are in “nothing short of a trust crises.”  People are looking for organizations they can trust, and…

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