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How to Manage Your Online Reputation

by Scott Brandley | January 10, 2020

Forbes Magazine, Gallup, Harvard Business Review and Pew Research all say that we are in “nothing short of a trust crises.”  People are looking for organizations they can trust, and…

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Responding to Reviews: Why, When, and How

by Scott Brandley | December 27, 2019

How To Respond To Reviews Greet the customer. Thank the person for their feedback. Reiterate something positive that the customer said in their review. Address the concerns the customer had…

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The History and Evolution of Online Reviews

by Scott Brandley | December 20, 2019

Before the glorious invention of the internet, if we wanted to know about the quality or reputation of a business or product, we had to ask around in person. Hoping…

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Increase Online Visibility With Customer Reviews

by Scott Brandley | December 2, 2019

Getting found is a challenge for many businesses, especially in today’s digital age. Online visibility plays a major role in customer acquisition. When someone is looking for a product or…

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