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Why Bad Reviews Can Be Good For Your Company

by Shopper Approved | September 4, 2018

Reviews are everywhere, and they play a significant role on whether or not a customer decides to pick your company over another one. In fact, online reviews affect 67% of…

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Shopper Approved Announces Namecheap As First Company To Surpass 1+ Million Reviews

by Shopper Approved | August 29, 2018, one of the world’s largest domain registrars, web hosting and technology companies, is the first online merchant ever to collect over 1 million customer ratings and reviews on Shopper…

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Understanding Your Website Traffic Analytics

by Shopper Approved | July 17, 2018

Collecting analytics is critical for the continued progress and improvement of your website, and likely the increase of your online sales. The data points tell you how people are using…

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The Importance of Website Traffic

by Shopper Approved | June 26, 2018

Website traffic is something ecommerce businesses care deeply about, and for good reason! Every person that visits your site has the potential to purchase from you. More traffic (can) equal…

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