How to plan a Magento eCommerce site

by Shopper Approved | December 19, 2017

Aspiration Hosting has some tips for you to consider when creating and managing a Magento eCommerce site!


Online shoppers are sophisticated and why wouldn’t they be? They are accustomed to making buying decisions on sites like Amazon and Zappos, business that invest millions in studying user behaviour, and then invest billions in building cutting edge functions to serve their client’s desires. Fortunately the smart Magento eCommerce site serves for both biggest online retailers and small businesses.


Main aspects to consider when planning a Magento eCommerce site are:


1. Know your audience first and define your regulars based on gender,age and geographic locations.

2. Corral your content with quality design and proper view. Try to use pictures and also videos to make an impression. People are more likely to buy based on detailed photos.

3. Responsiveness of your site is an influential factor. It helps working on variety of devices without requiring the visitors to resize.

3. Social medias, as well as blogs are very important factor to create trust. Every post should not try to push a sale,most of your posts should be chatty and interesting.

4. Tailor your site for a comfortable fit using Magento features.

5. A lot of work goes into planning, designing as well as building a new site. Value of good foundation in your site now, will pay off later.



Here is the download link for your convenience:

How to plan a Magento eCommerce site.



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