Why Run a Lean Team

by Shopper Approved | October 19, 2017

No, we’re not talking about the combined body-weight of your team. We’re talking about the number of people on your team. We’re firm believers of running a lean operation for many reasons.


Decisions can be made more quickly

With fewer people involved in the decision-making process, it’s streamlined. This becomes especially important when decisions need to be made on the fly. In a lean operation, you know exactly who to involve or consult before pulling the trigger.


Changes are implemented more smoothly

If you don’t have a million people to explain changes to, the process tends to go more smoothly. A smaller team means less confusion, and better communication when processes are altered. It also makes it easier to collect feedback on changes and make sure that everybody’s concerns are addressed.


Each employee is very valuable and serves a real purpose

Because a lean operation means fewer hands on deck, each employee is very valuable to the company and serves a distinct purpose. They know that their team is dependent on them to get their job done so to not be a bottleneck in other company functions. This heightened sense of value makes employees more productive and they enjoy their jobs more because it’s easier to see the contributions they’re making.


It’s easier to get-to-know your team

Obviously if there are fewer people to get to know, it’s a lot easier to get to know them. Company activities are a lot more intimate with a small team, which helps employees bond more and create a strong position of trust. This also increases efficiency in the office and makes the entire culture a lot more fun!


It cuts down costs

The key benefit to running a lean team are the lower costs. It’s fewer employees that tend to be more productive. The increased productivity and (likely) positive company culture keeps employees around, reducing the costs of turnover. No waste in employees means excess money to spoil them with, am I right?


The image below depicts the process of a ‘lean’ hiring process from start-up to success.


Lean Pattern


A lean approach in production leads to less product waste, lower costs, and higher margins. Running a lean team offers similar benefits, with the added happy and tight-knit company culture!


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