Shopper Approved Backend Update

by Shopper Approved | June 15, 2017

Shopper Approved has launched a new and improved back end experience for its clients! The sleek design makes it easy to navigate and view ratings and reviews collected by Shopper Approved. Check out the snapshot of the new dashboard below!





Create a dedicated page for your Merchant Reviews! Creating a page dedicated for Merchant Reviews has great SEO benefit. This snippet injects schema code onto your merchant reviews for Google to crawl, and these pages rank high in organic search engine results. Contact for more details to get started.





Updated Contemporary Seals are now available in your dashboard.  These seals have a clean design, and you can customize the color to compliment your website!





Product reviews have been updated too! Now product reviews include a photo of the product so you can recognize the product more easily. 





Some other fun updates are the tool tips and helpful hints created for when you need additional help, and complete control over the level of access for staff accounts!


We’ve also implemented a guided tour that is built into the dashboard, walking you through what’s new each time a new feature is added.


More exciting functions and features will be coming in the future! Thank you to all of our Shopper Approved clients for your support. If you have any ideas for future updates, please reach out to us or leave a comment below!